Need brakes? How about A/C work or suspension repairs? We can do that too, although diesel engine diagnosis and repair is our specialty it's not all that we do.

Keep Your Diesel Powered Vehicle Running Strong

Is your diesel truck spewing white smoke out of the exhaust pipe? Do you have a diesel car that's hard to get started? Is your motorhome leaking fuel?

Not enough power to get up the hills in your tractor trailer? Has your fuel efficiency dropped dramatically? Is your air conditioning keeping you less cool?

Any of these problems can signal the need for diesel mechanical repair. And since the life of a diesel engine is often twice that (or more) of an engine fueled by gasoline, performing needed repairs can save you big money in the long run.

Here are some things you might want to know about our diesel truck repair services.
  1. Quality repair and customer service. Western Turbo and Fuel Injection is a member of the Canadian Automobile Association and certified as part of the Approved Auto Repair Services group.
  2. Long-time diesel industry specialists. We've belonged to the Association of Diesel Specialists for over 30 years and stay abreast of the technical aspects of fuel injection service and issues relating to the diesel industry.
If you have any of these types of diesel powered vehicles:
  • a passenger car or pickup truck
  • a semi truck (or even a fleet)
  • a motorhome or RV
  • farm tractors
  • heavy duty equipment
then you need a reliable and skilled diesel auto repair shop.

When you need a skilled and reliable diesel mechanical repair shop, call us at 1-800-665-7556 or click here to book a service appointment.

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