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The advent and growing popularity of gasoline direct injection (GDI) has resulted in increased fuel efficiency and high power output that was previously enjoyed only by owners of diesel propelled vehicles. Most of the major car manufacturers currently use or plan to soon introduce gasoline vehicles that take advantage of this fuel saving and performance enhancing system.

What do I need to know about my vehicle's direct injection fuel system?

Ideally, injectors should be tested - and possibly cleaned - every 20,000 to 40,000 km, or every one to two years. Lower gas mileage or loss of power are both good indicators that it's time for an inspection. Our Diesel Service Centre has the knowledge and equipment to expertly assess whether your gasoline injectors have reached the end of their lifespan or whether they can carry you through journeys for years to come. Most standard auto repair shops do not have the technology to test and assess, so their only course of action is to replace all injectors as a troubleshooting measure.

Gasoline injector testing is a series of tests that measure fuel flow and return, spray pattern and atomization. If required, our ultrasonic cleaning process will return your injectors to optimum working specifications and will help your vehicle run more smoothly.

Bring your injectors to us and we can clean and test them for you. Why replace all of the injectors when you can isolate only the ones that need replacing?

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Engine Oil CheckUp oil analysis is a fast, simple and cost effective way to identify oil and fuel condition.

  • Works on any 4 stroke engine
  • Identifies dirt, grime, water and glycol contaminants
  • Only one drop of oil is needed to perform test
  • Inexpensive and takes approximately 30 minutes start to finish
  • No need to send out oil samples for expensive and time consuming analysis to independent labs for testing
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Click here for a printable guide to interpret your test results and here for an example of step-by-step diesel engine test results.

Lab Analysis Oil Testing

Lab analysis oil testing requires samples to be obtained by Western Turbo. The lab analysis is done through one of the most experienced oil testing laboratories in North America which also performs oil analysis to monitor the condition of large industrial, transport and natural resources equipment on behalf of global corporations and public utilities, including but not limited to Canadian Pacific, CN and Bombardier (locomotives), Arcelor Mittal, and Ottawa Transit Authority.

Based on extensive experience and continuous R&D programs, the lab analysis has the capability to interpret oil test results. In addition to raw data, test reports generated provide historical results and trends as well as maintenance recommendations and the logic behind these recommendations. No other oil analysis laboratory can do that.

The reports are easy to read and comply with vast majority of formats requested by industry and professional associations such as CSI, ENTEK, XML and others.

To learn more about lab analysis oil testing, please contact us.

Click the images below to see an example of a sample that passed and a sample that failed.

Winnipeg RV Repair

Keep Your RV in Tiptop Shape For Summer Road Trips

Thinking ahead to the summer months and planning your roadtrip already? There's nothing worse than having your RV breakdown, especially when you're on the road in unfamiliar territory.

Make sure your RV is in tip top shape before you leave for your trip.  Bring your RV in for RV repairs, RV servicing and maintenance and we will make sure the miles ahead of your are happy, worry-free ones!  The technicians at The Diesel Service Centre in Winnipeg will be happy to look after all of your RV service needs.  We offer a wide variety of repair services for your RV.

  • Factory Scheduled Maintenance
  • Air Conditioning
  • Instant Oil Analysis
  • Diesel Diagnostics and Repair
  • General Mechanical Repairs and more!

Book a Service or Maintenance for your RV today. Sometimes a little maintenance ahead of time can go a long (long) way.

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