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Why Do I Get Worse Diesel Mileage in the Winter?

Why does your diesel gas mileage go down in the winter? One reason is the composition of winter diesel makes it more volatile to burn properly in cold weather conditions.  Just like with gasoline, refiners have to change the composition of diesel fuel in the winter to help it function better in the cold weather.  But this change has much less to do with “volatility” and more to do with both cold gelling performance and sulfur reduction.

Typically, winter diesel will have about 3% less energy value. That’s because some of the Sulphur is removed. Lower energy value means less miles per gallon.

During the winter months, refiners mix in additional additives in order to change the properties of the winter diesel so that its gelling temperatures are reduced. With Canadian extreme winters, refiners want to give a little more temperature margin when it comes to how quickly the diesel fuel will gel in cold weather.

To minimize the effect of reduced mileage in the winter, keep your diesel in tip top condition with regular maintenance at Western Turbo.  When it’s time for the best diesel service in Winnipeg, the biggest parts selection or turbocharger diagnostics, give us a call at 1 800 665 7556 or send us an email to info@westernturbo.com

Service Your Agricultural Equipment in the Off-Season

Once the snow starts falling, most of the world can’t wait for spring and warmer weather. Except for hockey players and prairie farmers, that is.

Here in Winnipeg, our growing season is short. Between the time that winter ends and begins, farmers are frantically trying to squeeze their living out of the ground. You work hard, and your equipment works hard.

That’s why it’s important to take advantage of the off-season, to regroup, to plan, and to make sure the tools and implements of your trade are ready for the next cycle.

Winter is the best time to take your diesel equipment in for a check-up, and to correct any of the smaller problems you’ve been putting off all summer, while you’ve been busy using your tools to their very limit in order to meet your commitments around the farm.

In Winnipeg, Western Turbo is your trusted partner in all things diesel. We service all makes of farm equipment. Unlike your corner mechanic, diesel is our specialty. Our state of the art facility at 325 Eagle Drive in Winnipeg is fully equipped with diagnostic tools that communicate with your vehicle in the way that the manufacturer intended. We have qualified, experienced technicians backed by state of the art training. Western Turbo maintains exclusive distribution agreements with the major fuel injection, turbocharger, and diesel engine related product manufacturers.

We know you work hard. We want you to know we will work just as hard on your behalf. We understand the unique challenges facing the agricultural industry here in Manitoba’s harsh climate, and we’ll help you ready your tools to start work again in the spring.