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Celebrate Our 40th Birthday on May 15th!

Western Turbo Celebrates 40 Years of Diesel Service and More!

Lordy, lordy, looked who turned 40! From humble beginnings in 1979 in a small service shop to a modern 9 bay service facility today, Western Turbo is proud to celebrate 40 years of business.

May 15th will be the big party from 11:00am to 4:00pm with complimentary food, vendor demos, draws and door prizes.

Our 325 Eagle Drive location has plenty of parking. When you arrive, please seek out one of our Western Turbo team members to register for door prizes.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Preventive Diesel Fleet Maintenance Key to Engine Longevity


Quite Simply – cost. Many studies have shown that regular preventive maintenance of your diesel fleet assets will give them a longer live span. Replacing your fleet of trucks or diesel equipment every 10 years rather than every 8 will put money in your pocket.

Servicing Diesel Fleet Winnipeg

Second, poor maintenance can lead to equipment failure, which can lead to accidents, which can lead to liability issues. You don’t need the hassle of potential litigation, let alone the PR issues associated with a liability claim.


Contact Western Turbo to conduct a FREE fleet maintenance analysis. We will inventory your fleet, propose scheduled maintenance, as well as offer tips for drivers to understand how to pin- point issues before they become real problems. Contact us now to ask about your fleet and how we can make your life easy.

Serving Eastern Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Western Ontario.  Western Turbo is Winnipeg’s Diesel Service Centre.  Call us for your parts, service and diesel diagnostics.

RAM Trucks 3.0L EcoDiesel Makes Ward’s Top 10 Engine List 2 Years Running

There was a lot of excitement generated back in 2013 when Chrysler announced that a diesel engine would be available on the 2014 half-ton Ram pickups. To get a diesel from any other manufacturer on the continent, you need to look at the ¾ ton offerings – Ford’s F250 or GM’s 2500 series.

There was some doubt cast when it was announced that Ram wasn’t giving the business to Cummins, who have an available 5 Litre power plant that’s just begging to be put in a Light truck, but instead would be using a smaller 3 Litre V6 engine from Italy’s VM Motori, a company that Chrysler/Fiat had a relationship with. Indeed, that relationship would become more solid almost immediately, as following the announcement that the Ram half-ton would use the company’s engine, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles bought the company in its entirety, paying handsomely for the large portion that was previously owned by General Motors.

Despite initial reservations, the EcoDiesel has proven itself to be a very popular engine. Though outsold by Chrysler’s gasoline offerings, fuel conscious consumers can now choose to pay the premium price of the engine in exchange for head-turning mileage numbers – 20 mpg in the city, and 28 on the highway for the 2 wheel drive model. The four wheel drive numbers are equally impressive 19/27.

EcoDiesel performance is also very good. The 3.0 puts out 240 horsepower and 420 foot-pounds of torque, enough to haul 1600 pounds, and tow 9200 pounds. Drivability ratings have been fantastic, in large part thanks to Chrysler’s 8-Speed Torqueflite transmission.

Despite a relatively small (3000 units) recall caused by exhaust fumes entering the cabin, consumer reviews of the EcoDiesel equipped Ram have been very positive, and the power plant has made it to Ward’s list of the 10 best engines for both the 2014 and 2015 model years.

At IAMDiesel, we applaud Chrysler’s willingness to put a diesel engine in a smaller truck, and we’re hoping other manufacturers will follow suit. No matter the make or size of your diesel vehicle, we’re proud to support you with the best service in Manitoba. We are located in the Diesel Service Centre at Western Turbo, 325 Eagle Drive in Winnipeg. Contact us online or by telephone toll-free at (800) 665-7556.

New Product! Parker/Racor Filter Element for Navistar Engines

Do you have a vehicle equipped with the Navistar 6.4L diesel engine?

If you do, you’ll be glad to know that Parker/Racor is now offering replacement fuel filter cartridges for the Navistar MaxxForce 7 Engine manufactured between 2010 and 2013.

These filters aren’t just every bit as good as the OEM parts installed on your vehicle. They are the OEM parts.

Why Parker Racor Filters?
Today’s diesel engines are manufactured to very close tolerances, and the injection systems are incredibly complex. These engines can have their performance drastically reduced, or even suffer expensive damage when contaminated fuel is introduced.

As a result, diesel fuels have increased in quality, but frontline protection in the form of on-board filtration is the best defense for your truck and your wallet. Most customers, when seeking protection for their investments, trust the manufacturer of their equipment to make recommendations about preventive maintenance. After all, they built the machine, so they know best how to keep it running optimally.

At IAMDiesel, we’re thrilled to add Parker Racor filters for Navistar engines to our list of available parts. No matter what make your vehicle, we consider it our mission to find the best solutions for your needs.

To get the most from your diesel vehicle, visit IAMDiesel.

We are located at Western Turbo & Fuel Injection Ltd., 325 Eagle Drive in Winnipeg. Contact us online or by telephone toll-free at (800) 665-7556.

Dieselgate – The Impact of Volkswagen’s Diesel Emissions Scandal

For years, Volkswagen was hailed as the last great champion of diesel technology for passenger cars. While the percentage of diesel cars on the road here in North America is relatively low, in Europe they represent almost half of the vehicles on the road.

VW coined the phrase “Clean Diesel”, and had that small part of the market here in North America cornered. Relatively few but fervent, millions of customers went to dealerships to see what the fuss was about. Volkswagen’s TDI (Turbocharged Direct Injection) power plants in passenger cars like the Jetta, Passat, and even the retro-styled New Beetle, as well as the Audi A3, were making impressive mileage numbers while complying with North America’s toughest emission laws, even in notoriously strict jurisdictions like California.

Combining the excellent performance, mileage, and longevity of diesel engines, Volkswagen was becoming the brand of choice for very discerning customers on this side of the Atlantic.

The problem was that they were cheating. They could not achieve the mileage and performance demanded of them and still maintain acceptable emissions, particularly in the two gases that comprise the oxides of nitrogen (Nox), nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide. In order to maintain the performance that customers wanted, Volkswagen included some devious software in their vehicles that could detect when they were being tested, and adjust the engine’s performance to ensure that the vehicle emissions are lowered so that the car passed the test.

When finally detected by the California Air Resources Board, Volkswagen at first denied that there was any shenanigans committed on their part, but when the Board threatened not to approve any cars for 2016, the company came clean (at least about the software).

In the end, the company is facing countless lawsuits in over 12 countries, and is on the hook to fix millions of cars. Consumers have lost faith in the automaker, and what’s worse, they’re calling the effectiveness and efficiency of the diesel engine into question.

At IAMDiesel, we’re still all about diesel. We know that it’s an economical, responsible alternative to gasoline engines, and we’re committed to helping you get the most from your vehicle.

Visit IAMDiesel at Western Turbo & Fuel Injection, 325 Eagle Drive in Winnipeg. Contact us online or by telephone toll-free at (800) 665-7556

Buying A Diesel Vehicle?

There are a lot of reasons to choose a diesel engine as the power plant in your next vehicle. Diesel is more economical than a comparable gasoline powered vehicle, provides plenty of power for acceleration and towing (thanks to turbocharging), and diesel vehicles tend to last far longer than the average, and provide very reliable service.

There are a few things you should consider when shopping for a diesel car or truck:

Get it Inspected
Yes, diesel engines last a long time, but they’re not infallible. We recommend that you participate in the Canadian Automobile Association’s Pre-Purchase Inspection Program. The Diesel Service Centre at Western Turbo is an Approved Auto Repair Service, which means that we meet the tough standards the CAA sets out for repair shops. They recognize our knowledge, experience, and level of expertise in dealing with our customers. We provide inspection of diesel vehicles to a large number of area car dealers, who recognize that we’re the experts in diesel.

CAA recommends that you have a Pre-Purchase Inspection before buying a used vehicle, before your warranty expires, and before any major repairs, to help you make informed decisions that work for you.

Use Only Quality Replacement Parts
Because they’re going to be called on to work long and hard, it’s important to use only the best quality parts when repairing your diesel vehicle’s powertrain. We pride ourselves in providing a wide variety of parts for your vehicle, all of which meet our (and your manufacturer’s) exacting standards for quality and longevity. Maintained correctly, your diesel engine is designed to provide you years of trouble free service. Don’t invite problems by using substandard components when fixing it.

For expert diesel service in Winnipeg, come to the diesel service centre at Western Turbo. Our facility is located at 325 Eagle Drive. Contact us online or by telephone toll-free at (800) 665-7556

A Special Truck Needs Special Care – The Basics of Maintaining Your Diesel Truck

Maybe once the shine wore off your brand spanking new diesel truck, you started to think of it as just another vehicle that you can maintain like the others.

But diesel engine care is different than the norm, and keeping your engine in good running condition requires some tender loving care. Here are 5 basic tips to keep in mind when planning the maintenance of your diesel truck.

Come and see the team at the Diesel Service Centre for all of your diesel questions and needs.

How to Recognize Diesel Fuel Problems

At IAmDIESEL Diesel Service Centre at Western Turbo, we hear a lot of kudos.  About what we do to help our customers keep their diesel vehicles in tip-top repair, sure, but more often we hear our customers rave about how happy they are with their diesel vehicles.  If sales figures are any indication, the interest in diesel as an alternative to gasoline as the fuel of choice for many Canadians is only going to intensify.

On the flip side, we also hear when our customers aren’t happy.  When their diesel vehicles aren’t performing as expected, they’ll bring them to us.  Many times, the fault is not with the vehicle itself, but with the fuel they’ve been putting in it.  Today’s diesel vehicles are precision engineered, performance-oriented machines.  If the fuel provided to the vehicle isn’t up to the task, there are going to be problems.  Here are some of the tell-tale signs of problems with your fuel supply:

The fuel itself:

Does the diesel fuel you’re putting in seem darker in colour than usual?  Does it appear hazy when you hold it up to the light?  Does it smell bad compared to the fuel you’re used to putting in your vehicle?  If it does, there’s a pretty good chance that it’s past its prime, or has picked up some contamination.  Even something as simple as a little bit of water in a large tank of diesel fuel can have a negative impact on fuel appearance and more importantly, vehicle performance.

Symptoms on the road:

Does your vehicle lack its usual “get up and go”, and have you recently changed fuel suppliers?  A loss of power and difficulty in getting to your desired RPM range often signifies bad fuel. Excess smoke from the tailpipe, poor fuel economy, and a prematurely clogged particulate filter can also be a sign of fuel troubles.

Engine Damage

Using poor quality fuel over a protracted period will have an impact on your engine.  The biggest indicator that there’s been an ongoing fuel quality problem is dirty and pitted injectors.

IamDIESEL Diesel Service Centre is the service branch of Western Turbo, Winnipeg’s premier diesel centre.  We are diesel professionals, knowledgeable and passionate about all things diesel. No matter what diesel vehicle you own, we pride ourselves on being the best place to bring it for service.

Chevrolet Cruz Great Package All Around

Get in the fight — the fight to conserve energy, that is. The 2014 Chevrolet Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel allows you to stand up for the cause, without sacrificing style and performance. With its stunning exterior appearance, five-star safety rating, engine performance torque assessments which are comparable to those of a V6, and the number one fuel efficiency rating of any new car currently being offered in Canada, you can have it all. That’s right, now you can have it all with the 2014 Chevrolet Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel.

The 2014 Cruze’s sleek exterior appearance not only looks extraordinary, with windswept lines and a variety of trim packages, which include a great looking selection of grille, rocker panel, and wheel choices, it is also on the cutting edge of automotive aerodynamic technology. The interior features a classy two-tone color scheme, MyLink infotainment system, with integrated LCD touchscreen and voice recognition.  The front seating offers plenty of adjustment and is supportive and comfortable; the trunk is huge, as well.

Under the hood, the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder utilizes advanced fuel system components, selective catalyst reduction, particulate filtration system, and a linear exhaust gas recirculation valve to meet strict Tier 2 Bin 5 diesel emission standards, while reducing engine noise and vibration levels to a minimum. The diesel engine produces a class leading 151-horsepower and a whopping 264 lb.-ft. of torque. Despite the impressive power of the 2014 Cruze, it boasts a 4.2L/100km (67 mpg)-highway estimated fuel efficiency rating, making it the most fuel efficient gasoline or diesel powered 2014 model available for sell in Canada. The six-speed automatic transmission is standard equipment on the Cruze Diesel.

The 2014 Chevrolet Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel features surprisingly quick throttle response from a stop , turning out a zero-to-one-hundred kilometer per hour time of around six-seconds. The Cruze performs flawlessly in highway traffic, with nimble handling and loads of acceleration from the increased horsepower and torque ratings. The Cruze diesel does sound different than its gasoline powered counterpart, but Chevrolet’s added sound insulation in the diesel model makes for a quiet ride.

Greater Value with Diesels

With all of the recent buzz about hybrids and electric vehicles, be careful not to overlook the comeback of the diesel. Diesel powered coupes and sedans took a long hiatus, but they are back and they have undergone drastic developments. The introduction of ultra-low sulfur clean diesel fuels, more efficient turbochargers and intercoolers, and direct fuel injection has yielded the automotive industry a viable ally in the fight for fuel conservation.

Despite the added initial cost of some diesel cars, most are economically sensible. The EPA estimated average improvement in fuel mileage, over their gasoline powered counterparts, is approximately thirty-percent, but that is assuming that only forty-five percent of the miles are driven on the highway. If you live and work near the highway, depending upon the length of you commute, you are likely to drive a greater percentage of highway miles, thus you should see improvements in that estimate; making the diesel option an even greater idea.

In addition to the fuel savings, the resale value of the typical diesel powered car is greater than either the hybrid, electric, or gasoline powered version of the same model. Statistically, diesel powered cars are five-percent more valuable than gasoline powered models when it is time to resell them.

When it comes to the hybrid and electric models; diesel wins hands down.
• Diesel fuel is available nearly anywhere.
• Diesel powered vehicles are capable of travelling long distances (without a recharge).
• Modern turbocharged diesel cars have the edge in performance over hybrid cars.