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5 Tips to Complete Expert Diesel Engine Maintenance

Diesel engines operate in a way that gives them advantages over conventional gas engines in regard the amount of power they can create while still maintaining excellent MPGs. However, like gasoline engines they do need regular maintenance to ensure the engine continues to operate correctly. Many maintenance services require the skills of a professional diesel mechanic to ensure they are completed correctly, but there are some diesel maintenance tips you can take advantage of if you’re a do-it-yourselfer. These tips will help ensure a long life for your vehicle.

1. Use the Proper Oil Filter

When changing the oil make sure the proper oil filter is used. Sulfur and carbon residue are created when diesel fuel is not completely burned up during combustion and these particles can make their way into the engine oil. This debris is very fine and using an improper filter won’t catch these contaminants, which can lead to additional engine trouble.

2. Gasket Inspections

Diesel engine gaskets work under harsh conditions that put a lot of pressure on engine gaskets. It is important to regularly check for gasket leaks and to check that mounting bolts are all tight and secure to avoid leaks of engine oil and other fluids.

3. Radiator Flush

The cooling system is a very critical aspect for all cars and trucks, but this is especially true for diesel engines. Be sure that you keep up to date with regular cooling system flushes and be on the lookout for any antifreeze leaks. One of the best methods to prevent overheating is to pull over before the engine gets too hot, so be sure to keep a regular watch on the dashboard temperature gauge.

4. Glow Plug Inspection

Instead of spark plugs diesel engines use glow plugs. Glow plugs warm the air and the engine compresses the heat in order to ignite the air/fuel mix. However, a cold engine likely won’t be able to create air hot enough for the engine to fire up. Glow plugs warm the engine to produce the necessary heat to get the car started as well. It is important to monitor glow plugs for corrosion and other problems to ensure your diesel vehicle will start every time.

5. Use a Diesel Additive

A Diesel Additive such as Stanadyne Performance Formula® protects your diesel engine and restores engine performance. The detergency and cetane improver in Performance Formula will help restore fuel economy, increase horsepower and torque.

The diesel service centre at Western Turbo can help with all the parts and advice that you need to keep your diesel engine running great.  If you want the best service experts to look after the regular maintenance of your diesel truck or vehicle, we have 9 service bays to get you in and out quickly.  Give us a call today at 1 800 665 7556 or send us an email to discuss your unique needs for your diesel service.

Protect the Heart of your Diesel Engine with Stanadyne Diesel Fuel Additives

Stanadyne makes injector systems for diesel engines, so it’s fair to say that the company knows a thing or two about fuel injection.

The fuel injector system is the most crucial part of your diesel equipment, and it’s the most prone to failure. Hard use, temperature extremes, and low quality diesel fuel can all contribute to its early demise. Simply put, if your fuel injection system stops working, your diesel engine does, too.

There are many diesel fuel additives on the market, but Stanadyne’s are the only ones made by an injection system manufacturer. Stanadyne’s diesel fuel additives are engineered to protect the critical components of your engine, in normal use and under adverse conditions, so you can continue to use your machines and vehicles when others may have failed prematurely.

Independent testing has shown that Stanadyne Diesel Fuel Additives increase efficiency – fuel consumption will go down by up to 4%, while performance will improve by up to 9.6%. This translates to more mileage for less money, a magic combination for anyone who uses a diesel engine for transportation or in their work. Additives protect the engine by lubricating fuel injection components, and reducing contaminants like water in the fuel. They contain no alcohol, and reduce corrosion, which is a primary factor in injection system damage.

Stanadyne offers several different fuel additives, to suit every application. There’s one specially formulated for low temperature use, which is very useful in Manitoba’s harsh climate, a Lubricity formula for aging injectors, and performance formulas for engines that need an extra boost in power output.

Western Turbo is proud to supply Stanadyne Diesel Fuel Additives to the Winnipeg area. Come talk to us today about ways to increase power, reduce fuel consumption, and contribute to the longevity of your diesel engines.