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The Most Important Thing in Diesel – Diesel!

No matter how well maintained your diesel vehicle’s power train is, if you don’t have good, clean fuel for it, it won’t run well. For modern diesel power plants, it’s never been more important to have fuel that’s clean and dry, free of moisture or other harmful contaminants that reduce power output, compromise injector operation (and shorten their life expectancy) and prematurely wear out engine components.

The CLEANDiesel Fuel Cart is the solution you’ve been waiting for. If you ever transfer diesel fuel between vehicles, or from one container to another, you need a filtration system that is effective, convenient and portable. Here are some of the features that make the CLEANDiesel cart such a good investment:

The Importance of Quality Fuel – your diesel vehicles power your business. You need them to be reliable, because your ability to deliver goods or services is a critical mission for you and your customers. Contaminated fuel can bring an otherwise optimally performing vehicle to a stop in seconds.

Speed – with a fuel-processing rate up to 16 Gallons Per Minute, you will get clean, reliable fuel in a hurry.

Ease of Use – by placing the unit on a rugged cart with large wheels that help you lift it over obstacles, caring for your fuel supply is made easy. The unit itself offers a differential pressure indicator, so you’ll know when the filter element needs to be changed, and you can accomplish it without tools, so maintenance in the field is a snap.

That’s why Western Turbo is offering our clients the new CLEANDiesel Portable Fuel conditioning cart. In addition to regular, quality service, your fleet (whether it’s two vehicles or two hundred) needs a supply of quality, contaminant-free fuel.

For expert diagnosis of your diesel engine in Winnipeg, visit Western Turbo. Our state of the art facility is located at 325 Eagle Drive in Winnipeg.

Fleet Care at Western Turbo

At Western Turbo, we can take care of your diesel and fuel injection service needs, no matter how big or small they are.

We started in this business in 1979, with a small shop and a full-service philosophy. Thirty-five years later, we’ve grown to be Winnipeg’s premiere diesel engine service centre, with several divisions and a staff of eighteen people, all concerned with customer care.

We know that our clients depend on their equipment for their livelihoods, and view our role as their service provider as critical to their success. We know that they depend on us to keep abreast of the latest and greatest tools, techniques, and processes in equipment service, and maintain our edge by taking every opportunity to stay current. We’ve been a member of the Association of Diesel Specialists since 1979, and take part in their Repair Standards, Nationwide Warranty, Identification Code, and Technician Certification programs. All of our technicians take part in the ADS “TechCert” program.

Because we’re one the larger service providers, we have capacity to take care of customers who have larger than average needs. We’re able to meet the needs of customers with large fleets of trucks, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, or any combination of vehicles or machines.

Many companies have discovered the value in outsourcing repairs. Western Turbo can help your business save money and headache by being your go-to provider of parts and service for your entire fleet of vehicles and stationary machines.

Visit Western Turbo at our clean, modern facility at 325 Eagle Drive in Winnipeg. Whatever you need, you’ll find it at Western Turbo.