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Preventive Diesel Fleet Maintenance Key to Engine Longevity


Quite Simply – cost. Many studies have shown that regular preventive maintenance of your diesel fleet assets will give them a longer live span. Replacing your fleet of trucks or diesel equipment every 10 years rather than every 8 will put money in your pocket.

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Second, poor maintenance can lead to equipment failure, which can lead to accidents, which can lead to liability issues. You don’t need the hassle of potential litigation, let alone the PR issues associated with a liability claim.


Contact Western Turbo to conduct a FREE fleet maintenance analysis. We will inventory your fleet, propose scheduled maintenance, as well as offer tips for drivers to understand how to pin- point issues before they become real problems. Contact us now to ask about your fleet and how we can make your life easy.

Serving Eastern Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Western Ontario.  Western Turbo is Winnipeg’s Diesel Service Centre.  Call us for your parts, service and diesel diagnostics.

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For more than 55 years, ADS has been a recognized industry leader, dedicated to the
highest level of service on diesel fuel-injection and related systems. As diesel
maintenance becomes increasingly complex, ADS realizes that diesel technicians
must be versatile in today’s market and adapt to customers’ needs and to new
technologies. To help service shops meet these challenges, ADS provides
high-quality On-Engine Training to diesel technicians throughout North

3 Simple Steps to Keep Your Diesel Truck Hauling

That shiny new diesel truck sitting in your driveway, the envy of all your friends, sure is a beast. It can pull a house, navigate those steep inclines and run forever, right? Well …

Diesel engines are tough, powerful, and durable – but they need regular maintenance to stay that way. Here are a few simple steps you can take to keep that big honkin’ beauty running for the long haul:

1. Check Coolant Regularly – Diesel engines run hotter than their gas equivalents because of the pressure levels necessary for combustion, so a healthy cooling system is essential for good performance. Replace the filter per manufacturer specs, and with recommended OEM replacements. Maintain engine coolant at proper levels and check for contaminants.

2. Top Off That Tank – Water condensation build-up in your fuel tank will eventually get to your injectors, which means improper combustion. Maintaining your fuel level will help prevent this, as well replacing fuel filters at the proper intervals.

3. Use a High-Amp Battery – Diesels use glow plugs to heat the incoming air for proper combustion. They need amps, and lots of them. A battery with a high amp rating is key to cold starting your diesel engine.

Remember, your diesel engine was built to operate with high pressure compression, to give you the kind of torque you paid those extra bucks for in the first place. So protect that investment by following your manufacturer’s recommended service schedule and replacing filters, gaskets and fluids as required.

Maintenance: The Key to Extending the Life of Your Diesel Truck

You finally got that diesel truck you’ve been drooling over. It’s big. It’s bad. And it’ll last forever, right? Well…almost. Diesel engines are built to last, that is true, but like any engine it does require ongoing maintenance in order to reach its life potential. If you expect to be riding around in that beauty for a number of years after it’s paid for, you’ll want to treat her right.

Here are a few tips to make sure that truck has a long healthy life.

  1. Follow the manufacturers recommendations for routine maintenance. They built the engine; they know what it needs to keep it in good running condition. Change the oil and oil filters according to the schedule in the manual. Better quality approved lubricants can also be a very good option. Do a periodic oil analysis to test for contaminants. Don’t neglect that fuel filter either. She’s your baby, make sure she gets changed!
  2. Pay attention to those gauges, they aren’t there for decoration. Monitor your engine coolant levels and exhaust temps; keep an eye on your pressure gauges for oil and boost as well.
  3. Using a high quality, OE approved fuel conditioner, like Stanadyne Performance Formula or Lubricity Formula available at The Diesel Service Centre is a sure way to avoid expensive injector or fuel injection pump replacement.
  4. Quality parts make a quality engine. Don’t settle for a cheaper price, if it also means cheaper quality. Look for those lifetime warranty parts. If you’ve replaced it once, you don’t want to have to pay for another replacement down the line.
  5. Don’t let just any mechanic work on your truck. Talk with a few friends who’ve had their trucks for awhile, get their recommendations. The technicians at The Diesel Service Centre are trained to meet the specific needs of diesel engine care.

These are just the basics, but if you take care of the minors, you likely prevent some of those majors from happening. The Diesel Service Centre found at www.IamDiesel.com can direct you to solutions to keep your investment in top condition.