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Have You Checked Your Oil Supply For Your Diesel Turbocharger Lately?

There are many little things that you can do to make your turbocharger last longer.  One of the simplest things to do for preventive maintenance is to check your oil and fluid levels. If the supply is not sufficient to properly lubricate the system, a lot of bad things can happen.  At Western Turbo, we see many damaged turbochargers due to insufficient oil supply.


turbocharger service


Here are some attributes that lead to damage due to insufficient oil supply;


  • Re-fitting a turbocharger without adequate priming
  • Long periods of non-use
  • Broken or restricted oil feed pipe
  • Low engine oil pressure due to malfunctioning lubrication system
  • Low or no oil in sump
  • The use of sealants, which can restrict the oil flow
  • Not priming a replacement oil filter with new oil.  If this cannot be done, then crank the engine with no fuel to establish oil pressure.
  • Do not exceed idle conditions until oil pressure is established

Regular maintenance by Winnipeg’s largest diesel service centre should ensure that your diesel turbo charger is in top working order.   Western Turbo can set you up on a preventive maintenance program for your individual diesel or fleet requirements.  Whether you are in Winnipeg, or rural Manitoba, give us a call for you next service.

North America Continues to Wait for the Volkswagen Amarok TDI Pickup – Here’s Why

Back in 2012, there was some buzz about Volkswagen bringing their mid-size pickup offering, the Amarok TDI Pickup Truck, to North America.

Unfortunately, three years later and we’re still waiting. The reasons why vary, but the most significant reason has to do with a hefty tariff imposed upon foreign built trucks. This tariff has to be incorporated into the price, which is why virtually every truck sold locally is built somewhere in a NAFTA country.

Adding to this the fact that the mid-size truck market has suffered over the last decade, and Volkswagen’s concerns of diluting their image with the addition of a pickup, and it’s uncertain whether we’ll ever see this offering in our great country.

This article has all the details, and we’ll keep you posted!

Happy Holidays from IamDiesel!

At this time of year, we want to stop and say thank you to all of our customers for your business over the years.  It is our goal to offer the best diesel service and exceptional customer service to all of our customers.  We thank you for your loyalty and trust.

We wish everyone the best of the holiday season and a very happy New Year!  Enjoy the moments that the holidays bring and may you be surrounded by your friends and family as you celebrate.

– The Team at IamDiesel

ADS News

Biodiesel Fight Heating Up

The National Biodiesel Board is teaming up with Diesel Technology Forum to “fight for clean diesel technology”. By joining the National Biodiesel Board hopes to help raise the awareness of the benefits of diesel over other fuels.

Diesel Service Centre – Skilled and Reliable Diesel Mechanic’s on staff

There is no doubt that diesel engines far out perform gasoline engines. When properly maintained a diesel engine will last twice as long, with double the efficiency. However, when you do run into problems, fuel consumption may have increased, power is significantly reduced and systems such as air conditioning begin to fail.
Problems with performance are not the first sign of repair needs. An excess of black, white or blue smoke, coming from your exhaust pipe, is a good early indicator that your diesel system needs servicing. Also, keep an eye out for leaking fuel, as this will affect the efficiency of your diesel system and requires immediate repair. Although these are common symptoms associated with diesel engine problems, it takes an experienced mechanic to determine the root cause.
There are many signs that will suggest your diesel engine needs servicing. However, each one can result from a number of different problems. As diesel engine technology and systems improve, it makes it more difficult for an average mechanic to determine the problem. Our mechanics are skilled in all areas of diesel diagnostics, servicing and repair. At our diesel service centre we aim to ensure that your issue is resolved, first time every time.

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Advancement. Development. Skills.

For more than 55 years, ADS has been a recognized industry leader, dedicated to the
highest level of service on diesel fuel-injection and related systems. As diesel
maintenance becomes increasingly complex, ADS realizes that diesel technicians
must be versatile in today’s market and adapt to customers’ needs and to new
technologies. To help service shops meet these challenges, ADS provides
high-quality On-Engine Training to diesel technicians throughout North

The Importance of Diesel Vehicle Maintenance

In a tough economy and with budgets as tight as they are, we naturally look for ways to cut expenses. The first ones to go are those that we consider to be unnecessary, like routine maintenance on our cars.

Surely we can get by occasionally without that inspection or run a little longer between fluid changes, right? Not so fast.

While it may be true that cars and trucks are designed to run longer between oil changes and are very reliable overall, the greatest value in routine servicing goes beyond those inexpensive items you’re skipping.

The importance of maintenance is that by taking care of those small things, you can avoid them turning into bigger, and much more expensive repairs. Modern cars are more complex than in years past, requiring tighter tolerances in the components and fluids that keep them running. For instance, motor oils today have a much higher percentage of additives than the oil your Dad used on his old car.

But when your car isn’t serviced on schedule, needed repairs tend to go unnoticed until they become bigger repairs. Saving a few bucks by topping off your engine coolant instead of flushing the radiator and adding new coolant, for instance, could cost you a new radiator when all of the anti-corrosion additives are gone out of the coolant.

In the long run, the strategy of frugality with your car’s maintenance, as well meaning as it is, ends up costing you money rather than saving it.

ADS News

Volkswagen is fuming over the Obama Administration’s proposal to double auto fuel efficiency, saying the plan unfairly values hybrid and all-electric cars over clean diesel, a technology VW has pioneered.

Volkswagen is committed to continually making fuel efficient vehicles, such as the new mid-size, clean diesel Passat TDI, available to the U.S. market. Built in Chattanooga, TN, the Passat TDI achieves 43 mpg highway and can travel almost 800 miles on a single tank of fuel.

The Obama Administration unveiled a proposed rule that would require automakers to double the average fuel economy of their vehicles to 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025, estimating that the change would add $2,000 to the average price of a car.

The proposal brought howls of protest from automakers who warned the changes would price millions of Americans out of the new-car market, keeping older, less fuel-efficient cars on the road longer.

VW, Europe’s largest automaker and the fastest-growing automaker in the United States, already offers turbodiesel cars, station wagons and SUVs that routinely get nearly 50 miles per gallon on the highway.

We Know Diesel Engines

Today’s Diesel engines are electronically sophisticated. They rely on computers to provide optimum timing, fuel control and emission system. Varying temperatures and load conditions can also cause stress on the engines.

Here at the Diesel Service Centre at Western Turbo, we know Diesel Engines. We use OEM-specific scan tools and software from each manufacturer.  We work with only the latest applications. Our service techs are trained in all aspects of the diagnostics equipment to provide the best service possible for your Diesel vehicle.

Bring in your Diesel vehicle today for service. (If you ‘like’ us on Facebook, you can receive a Free Scan and Report).

3 Simple Steps to Keep Your Diesel Truck Hauling

That shiny new diesel truck sitting in your driveway, the envy of all your friends, sure is a beast. It can pull a house, navigate those steep inclines and run forever, right? Well …

Diesel engines are tough, powerful, and durable – but they need regular maintenance to stay that way. Here are a few simple steps you can take to keep that big honkin’ beauty running for the long haul:

1. Check Coolant Regularly – Diesel engines run hotter than their gas equivalents because of the pressure levels necessary for combustion, so a healthy cooling system is essential for good performance. Replace the filter per manufacturer specs, and with recommended OEM replacements. Maintain engine coolant at proper levels and check for contaminants.

2. Top Off That Tank – Water condensation build-up in your fuel tank will eventually get to your injectors, which means improper combustion. Maintaining your fuel level will help prevent this, as well replacing fuel filters at the proper intervals.

3. Use a High-Amp Battery – Diesels use glow plugs to heat the incoming air for proper combustion. They need amps, and lots of them. A battery with a high amp rating is key to cold starting your diesel engine.

Remember, your diesel engine was built to operate with high pressure compression, to give you the kind of torque you paid those extra bucks for in the first place. So protect that investment by following your manufacturer’s recommended service schedule and replacing filters, gaskets and fluids as required.