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Preventive Diesel Fleet Maintenance Key to Engine Longevity


Quite Simply – cost. Many studies have shown that regular preventive maintenance of your diesel fleet assets will give them a longer live span. Replacing your fleet of trucks or diesel equipment every 10 years rather than every 8 will put money in your pocket.

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Second, poor maintenance can lead to equipment failure, which can lead to accidents, which can lead to liability issues. You don’t need the hassle of potential litigation, let alone the PR issues associated with a liability claim.


Contact Western Turbo to conduct a FREE fleet maintenance analysis. We will inventory your fleet, propose scheduled maintenance, as well as offer tips for drivers to understand how to pin- point issues before they become real problems. Contact us now to ask about your fleet and how we can make your life easy.

Serving Eastern Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Western Ontario.  Western Turbo is Winnipeg’s Diesel Service Centre.  Call us for your parts, service and diesel diagnostics.

Have You Checked Your Oil Supply For Your Diesel Turbocharger Lately?

There are many little things that you can do to make your turbocharger last longer.  One of the simplest things to do for preventive maintenance is to check your oil and fluid levels. If the supply is not sufficient to properly lubricate the system, a lot of bad things can happen.  At Western Turbo, we see many damaged turbochargers due to insufficient oil supply.


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Here are some attributes that lead to damage due to insufficient oil supply;


  • Re-fitting a turbocharger without adequate priming
  • Long periods of non-use
  • Broken or restricted oil feed pipe
  • Low engine oil pressure due to malfunctioning lubrication system
  • Low or no oil in sump
  • The use of sealants, which can restrict the oil flow
  • Not priming a replacement oil filter with new oil.  If this cannot be done, then crank the engine with no fuel to establish oil pressure.
  • Do not exceed idle conditions until oil pressure is established

Regular maintenance by Winnipeg’s largest diesel service centre should ensure that your diesel turbo charger is in top working order.   Western Turbo can set you up on a preventive maintenance program for your individual diesel or fleet requirements.  Whether you are in Winnipeg, or rural Manitoba, give us a call for you next service.

Dieselgate – The Impact of Volkswagen’s Diesel Emissions Scandal

For years, Volkswagen was hailed as the last great champion of diesel technology for passenger cars. While the percentage of diesel cars on the road here in North America is relatively low, in Europe they represent almost half of the vehicles on the road.

VW coined the phrase “Clean Diesel”, and had that small part of the market here in North America cornered. Relatively few but fervent, millions of customers went to dealerships to see what the fuss was about. Volkswagen’s TDI (Turbocharged Direct Injection) power plants in passenger cars like the Jetta, Passat, and even the retro-styled New Beetle, as well as the Audi A3, were making impressive mileage numbers while complying with North America’s toughest emission laws, even in notoriously strict jurisdictions like California.

Combining the excellent performance, mileage, and longevity of diesel engines, Volkswagen was becoming the brand of choice for very discerning customers on this side of the Atlantic.

The problem was that they were cheating. They could not achieve the mileage and performance demanded of them and still maintain acceptable emissions, particularly in the two gases that comprise the oxides of nitrogen (Nox), nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide. In order to maintain the performance that customers wanted, Volkswagen included some devious software in their vehicles that could detect when they were being tested, and adjust the engine’s performance to ensure that the vehicle emissions are lowered so that the car passed the test.

When finally detected by the California Air Resources Board, Volkswagen at first denied that there was any shenanigans committed on their part, but when the Board threatened not to approve any cars for 2016, the company came clean (at least about the software).

In the end, the company is facing countless lawsuits in over 12 countries, and is on the hook to fix millions of cars. Consumers have lost faith in the automaker, and what’s worse, they’re calling the effectiveness and efficiency of the diesel engine into question.

At IAMDiesel, we’re still all about diesel. We know that it’s an economical, responsible alternative to gasoline engines, and we’re committed to helping you get the most from your vehicle.

Visit IAMDiesel at Western Turbo & Fuel Injection, 325 Eagle Drive in Winnipeg. Contact us online or by telephone toll-free at (800) 665-7556

Buying A Diesel Vehicle?

There are a lot of reasons to choose a diesel engine as the power plant in your next vehicle. Diesel is more economical than a comparable gasoline powered vehicle, provides plenty of power for acceleration and towing (thanks to turbocharging), and diesel vehicles tend to last far longer than the average, and provide very reliable service.

There are a few things you should consider when shopping for a diesel car or truck:

Get it Inspected
Yes, diesel engines last a long time, but they’re not infallible. We recommend that you participate in the Canadian Automobile Association’s Pre-Purchase Inspection Program. The Diesel Service Centre at Western Turbo is an Approved Auto Repair Service, which means that we meet the tough standards the CAA sets out for repair shops. They recognize our knowledge, experience, and level of expertise in dealing with our customers. We provide inspection of diesel vehicles to a large number of area car dealers, who recognize that we’re the experts in diesel.

CAA recommends that you have a Pre-Purchase Inspection before buying a used vehicle, before your warranty expires, and before any major repairs, to help you make informed decisions that work for you.

Use Only Quality Replacement Parts
Because they’re going to be called on to work long and hard, it’s important to use only the best quality parts when repairing your diesel vehicle’s powertrain. We pride ourselves in providing a wide variety of parts for your vehicle, all of which meet our (and your manufacturer’s) exacting standards for quality and longevity. Maintained correctly, your diesel engine is designed to provide you years of trouble free service. Don’t invite problems by using substandard components when fixing it.

For expert diesel service in Winnipeg, come to the diesel service centre at Western Turbo. Our facility is located at 325 Eagle Drive. Contact us online or by telephone toll-free at (800) 665-7556

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Maintaining Diesels

  You don’t have to go far to find a fleet having trouble with engines. Mostly they report emissions systems problems, not surprising given the short time the engine makers had to meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s tight timelines.

 The importance of Diagnostics   http://www.truckinginfo.com/news/news-detail.asp?news_id=78510&news_category_id=74&utm_source=Email&utm_medium=Enewsletter

Diesel Service Centre – Skilled and Reliable Diesel Mechanic’s on staff

There is no doubt that diesel engines far out perform gasoline engines. When properly maintained a diesel engine will last twice as long, with double the efficiency. However, when you do run into problems, fuel consumption may have increased, power is significantly reduced and systems such as air conditioning begin to fail.
Problems with performance are not the first sign of repair needs. An excess of black, white or blue smoke, coming from your exhaust pipe, is a good early indicator that your diesel system needs servicing. Also, keep an eye out for leaking fuel, as this will affect the efficiency of your diesel system and requires immediate repair. Although these are common symptoms associated with diesel engine problems, it takes an experienced mechanic to determine the root cause.
There are many signs that will suggest your diesel engine needs servicing. However, each one can result from a number of different problems. As diesel engine technology and systems improve, it makes it more difficult for an average mechanic to determine the problem. Our mechanics are skilled in all areas of diesel diagnostics, servicing and repair. At our diesel service centre we aim to ensure that your issue is resolved, first time every time.

ADS News

Advancement. Development. Skills.

For more than 55 years, ADS has been a recognized industry leader, dedicated to the
highest level of service on diesel fuel-injection and related systems. As diesel
maintenance becomes increasingly complex, ADS realizes that diesel technicians
must be versatile in today’s market and adapt to customers’ needs and to new
technologies. To help service shops meet these challenges, ADS provides
high-quality On-Engine Training to diesel technicians throughout North

Truck Maintenance – Don’t Let that Diesel Go

Diesel engines are built to last for many thousands of miles and, with some timely help from their proud owners, can provide a lifetime of service. It’s not that uncommon for the odometer on some diesel trucks to turn over the one-million mile mark when properly maintained. In this feature, we’ll discuss some basic maintenance steps you can take to keep your diesel truck on the road for the long haul.

For starters, you need look no further than your owner’s manual for a list of recommended maintenance items. These typically include fluid and filter replacements – frequency requirements, grade of motor oil prescribed by the manufacturer, etc. Due to the high pressures under which diesel engines operate, compared to their gas-powered cousins, it’s also important to stay on top of your engine coolant. If necessary, install a coolant warning indicator on your dashboard.

Your diesel truck’s suspension, drivetrain and steering system require periodic lubrication, which should be done using high quality grease. This also provides a good opportunity to check systems for leaks or damage as well. Keep an eye out too for excessive smoke, decreased oil pressure or reduced engine power, as these are common signs of mechanical problems.

A good wash-down will help keep your truck free of corrosion, along with an application of a good body wax once or twice a year.
Remember to always use recommended replacement parts, and to keep some spares handy that you know you’ll be replacing more frequently. Of course, good maintenance records are essential. You’ll be able to track any trends or potential problems with them, and if you need work done by someone other than yourself or your usual mechanic, they will serve as a maintenance and repair guide also.

The Importance of Diesel Vehicle Maintenance

In a tough economy and with budgets as tight as they are, we naturally look for ways to cut expenses. The first ones to go are those that we consider to be unnecessary, like routine maintenance on our cars.

Surely we can get by occasionally without that inspection or run a little longer between fluid changes, right? Not so fast.

While it may be true that cars and trucks are designed to run longer between oil changes and are very reliable overall, the greatest value in routine servicing goes beyond those inexpensive items you’re skipping.

The importance of maintenance is that by taking care of those small things, you can avoid them turning into bigger, and much more expensive repairs. Modern cars are more complex than in years past, requiring tighter tolerances in the components and fluids that keep them running. For instance, motor oils today have a much higher percentage of additives than the oil your Dad used on his old car.

But when your car isn’t serviced on schedule, needed repairs tend to go unnoticed until they become bigger repairs. Saving a few bucks by topping off your engine coolant instead of flushing the radiator and adding new coolant, for instance, could cost you a new radiator when all of the anti-corrosion additives are gone out of the coolant.

In the long run, the strategy of frugality with your car’s maintenance, as well meaning as it is, ends up costing you money rather than saving it.