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General Motors is Reportedly Looking to Diesel for more ½ Ton Economy

Recent improvements in Ford’s F-150 EcoBoost technology for its gas engines, and introduction of a small-displacement diesel engine in the Dodge RAM 1500 have left General Motors playing a game of catch-up in the ½ ton pickup segment.

Ford is getting around 30 mpg, and the RAM about 28. GM’s trucks are sitting around 24, putting them significantly behind the other North American manufacturers in a category that is increasingly valued by consumers. This circumstance has the company looking for ways to catch up in a hurry.

Following the 2014 RAM’s lead, it looks like the Silverado and Sierra could be in line for a diesel power plant, and maybe more than one option at that. In 2009, GM halted plans to offer a 4.5L diesel in its pickups, as it realigned itself in the wake of bankruptcy to consolidate models and concentrate on car production. There’s been some talk of “dusting off” this engine, which was on the verge of production, as well as the possibility of using a smaller, 2.8L I-4 engine that’s going to be optional equipment on the midsized Canyon and Colorado in 2016.

Whichever way they go, we’re happy to hear that GM is finally looking at diesel as a viable option for these popular pickups. Consumers want better mileage without sacrificing hauling and towing power, and that’s exactly what diesel delivers. A bold decision to put a diesel under the hood made the 2014 RAM the Motor Trend Truck of the Year®, and we’re betting a diesel powered Silverado/Sierra combination will be a winner for General Motors.

IAmDiesel have been champions of diesel engines in passenger cars and light trucks for years. We’re Winnipeg’s best option for repairs and maintenance to diesel vehicles of all types, and we know that diesel engines get better mileage and last longer than their gasoline powered equivalents.

Diesel Pick Up Trucks: Should I Buy One?

There are plenty of good reasons to buy a diesel truck, but there are some downsides to owning a diesel as well. It’s always a good idea to look at the pros and cons before you hand over the dough.

The number one reason people buy a diesel pickup truck is for the power you get in a diesel engine. If you want a heavy duty truck for hauling loads or pulling a trailer, a diesel has advantage over a gasoline engine. That’s why you’ll see a diesel pickup under most fifth-wheels or sitting on construction sites.

The second biggest reason for buying anything with a diesel engine is the long life. A typical gas engine may run for 300,000 to 500,000 miles. A diesel, on the other hand, will generally give you substantially longer life. Add the long life to the fuel economy and it makes a gas engine seem like a pretty poor bargain.

So, with all this going for it, why wouldn’t you want to buy a diesel truck? Well, there are a few negatives, and most of them have dollar signs attached to them. A diesel pickup will usually cost you a little more than an equivalent with a gas engine. The price per gallon for diesel fuel is going to be more than gasoline (but your mileage per gallon should out weigh this negative). A diesel uses quite a bit more oil in the engine than the gasoline engine, too. An oil change will cost significantly more and good quality approved lubricants with superior filtration can provide extended drain intervals.

You’ll get a slower take off with your diesel than the pickup sitting in the next lane and they’re meant for long hauls more than cruising around town. Stop and go driving can actually be significantly harmful to your diesel. If you rarely put your truck to hard work, a gasoline engine may be a better choice. Sub-zero weather and diesels can be a problem too and The Diesel Service Centre can provide you with options ranging from engine/fuel heaters to OE approved fuel conditioner like the Stanadyne Performance Formula.

If you’re looking for a heavy duty, long-lasting truck, a diesel is a good choice. Quick spins to the grocery store and back? Get yourself a small gas pickup with good mileage. That’s all you’ll need.