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Service Your Agricultural Equipment in the Off-Season

Once the snow starts falling, most of the world can’t wait for spring and warmer weather. Except for hockey players and prairie farmers, that is.

Here in Winnipeg, our growing season is short. Between the time that winter ends and begins, farmers are frantically trying to squeeze their living out of the ground. You work hard, and your equipment works hard.

That’s why it’s important to take advantage of the off-season, to regroup, to plan, and to make sure the tools and implements of your trade are ready for the next cycle.

Winter is the best time to take your diesel equipment in for a check-up, and to correct any of the smaller problems you’ve been putting off all summer, while you’ve been busy using your tools to their very limit in order to meet your commitments around the farm.

In Winnipeg, Western Turbo is your trusted partner in all things diesel. We service all makes of farm equipment. Unlike your corner mechanic, diesel is our specialty. Our state of the art facility at 325 Eagle Drive in Winnipeg is fully equipped with diagnostic tools that communicate with your vehicle in the way that the manufacturer intended. We have qualified, experienced technicians backed by state of the art training. Western Turbo maintains exclusive distribution agreements with the major fuel injection, turbocharger, and diesel engine related product manufacturers.

We know you work hard. We want you to know we will work just as hard on your behalf. We understand the unique challenges facing the agricultural industry here in Manitoba’s harsh climate, and we’ll help you ready your tools to start work again in the spring.

More Power for Your Power Equipment!

More power. More mileage. More crops to market and more money in your pocket. Sound like a pipedream? Not with new technology for your diesel engines. Control modules for agricultural equipment from AgDIESEL, and for trucks of all sizes from Truck Edition are specially designed and proven to provide better performance and fuel economy in the diesel powered tools of your trade.

What is a Control Module?
Basically, a diesel control module is an extension of the onboard computer that’s already integrated into your diesel engine. This computer is designed to provide good operation under the widest range of conditions that your engine will encounter. An add-on control module from AgDiesel or Truck Edition takes the stock onboard computer a step further. It will take information from the sensors in your diesel engine on a nanosecond-by-nanosecond basis, and compute the ideal instructions to enable the engine to maximize fuel efficiency and deliver maximum power when conditions demand it.

Will a Control Module Work for Me?
Truck Edition and AgDiesel modules have been tested and shown to provide better fuel economy and up to a 30% increase in available power. This translates to more power to plant, maintain, and harvest crops in less time, and increased capacity and decreased cost when it comes to transporting them over the road. For farmers and truckers, these modules are a real win.

Why These Modules?
AgDiesel and Truck Edition control modules are exceptionally well made. When designing them, we started by talking to the people who use them – farmers and truckers. We found out what our end users wanted, and built a product that delivered. We source the highest quality components for their manufacture, and seal the units entirely in epoxy to protect them from the harsh conditions our customers subject them to. We build them tough, and then cover them with a lifetime warranty.

Are they Available for my Equipment?
Modules are available for a wide range of applications and the list of applications is growing all the time. We strive to ensure that better performance and fuel economy are available to as many people as possible. For a complete listing of available applications and to learn more, visit www.agdiesel.ca and www.truckedition.ca today.

Come See Us at AgDays

Every year at this time, we look forward to attending Manitoba AgDays held in Brandon – and this year is no exception.  We will once again be attending Manitoba AgDays, an exposition of agricultural production expertise, technology and related equipment that attracts exhibitors from all across Canada and the North Central United States.

We will be there to showcase our AgDiesel agricultural diesel modules. If you are looking for more power – talk to us to see which module is for you.  We now have modules to fit Agco, Buhler, Challenger, Case, CAT, JCB, John Deere, Massey-Ferguson, New Holland, Versatile and more!

If you are planning on attending AgDays or wanting to meet us in person – come visit us at AgDays.

Event: Manitoba AgDays
Date: January 21, 22 and 23, 2014
Venue: Brandon Keystone Centre
Address: 1 – 1175 – 18th Street, Brandon, Manitoba

Admission is free so be sure to drop by. Enter through the east or west side of the building by the Westoba Credit Union Concourse entrance and also on the east side by the Curling Club or the ramp entrances.

See you there!