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Western Turbo is Pleased to Provide Common Rail Injectors for John Deere Applications

At Western Turbo, we’ve worked hard to become the number one choice for diesel service for diesel vehicles and equipment in the Winnipeg area. We can attribute the success we’ve had to our efforts to partner with some of the industry’s best equipment manufacturers. We have exclusive distribution agreements with many major fuel injection, turbocharger, and diesel engine related product manufacturers.

We’re proud to be able to add remanufactured common-rail diesel injectors for a number of John Deere applications.

These new injectors fit John Deere engines with CRD injection and the following displacements: 4.5L, 6.8L, 8.1L and 9.0L.

These products offer all of the advantages of OEM products without the OEM price.

At Western Turbo, we specialize in making repairs more affordable, while preserving the OEM standards in manufacture and remanufactured product. We know that remanufactured parts install and perform just like the original, and we don’t hesitate to offer them to our customers.

For repairs to all of your diesel vehicles and equipment, come to Western Turbo and Fuel Injection. Our facility is located at 325 Eagle Drive. Contact us online or by telephone toll-free at (800) 665-7556.


As part of its continued support of the Ag industry, Western Turbo will once again be attending Manitoba Ag Days at the Brandon Keystone Centre. Along with Western Diesel, our western Manitoba Brandon (Bosch) Service Dealer, you can find us at Booth 1721 in Barn 3.

Manitoba Ag Days is widely known as the largest indoor agricultural show in Canada and attendees can expect to experience the best in agricultural production expertise, technology and equipment. The event attracts exhibitors and spectators from all over Canada and North Central United States.

We will be there showcasing the newest engine products, performance modules,  Stanadyne fuel additives/conditioners, Reviva remanufactured engines, assorted Racor fuel and oil filters, and our vast fuel shop capabilities.

If you have performance or fuel issues, or are simply looking for more power – we’ve got the solution that will work for you.

Event: Manitoba AgDays
Date: January 20, 21 and 22, 2015
Venue: Brandon Keystone Centre Address: 1 – 1175 – 18th Street, Brandon, Manitoba

Admission is free so be sure to drop by. See you there!

Turbo Trivia Part 2 – Common Turbocharger Problems

A turbocharger is a finely balanced system.  Very high temperatures and extreme rotation speeds mean that it needs to be one of the most carefully engineered systems in your vehicle.  It’s a highly evolved piece of technology that, despite the extreme demands placed on it, will likely last as long as the rest of your vehicle if properly maintained.  Quite often, a turbocharger failure is a symptom of an underlying engine problem that will need to be addressed before simply replacing the turbo unit, or it will repeat itself.  Here are some more symptoms and their possible causes:

Insufficient Power or Boost Pressure Too Low

If a turbocharger doesn’t produce enough boost pressure, it won’t work.  There can be any number of causes of this condition, from a worn engine to a broken or damaged turbocharger bearing.  Low pressure can also be caused by leaking lines or gaskets (allowing pressure to escape before driving air into the cylinders, improper filter maintenance, and a worn or sticky poppet valve can also cause this condition.

Oil Leakage at the Compressor

There can be a whole lot of explanations for leakage at the compressor.  One of the problems we find most often at Western Turbo to explain this problem is a buildup of combustion by-products (coke and sludge) in the turbocharger housing.  The reasons for this buildup can be many – a dirty air filter system, exhaust that leaks upstream of the turbine, some kind of kink or clog impeding oil flow to the turbine.  Sometimes this buildup is caused by failure of the turbocharger bearings themselves, or a loss of compression in the engine.

Oil Leakage at the Turbine

Turbine oil leakage causes mirror those problems that cause the compressor itself to leak.  The first thing to check for is a buildup of sludge inside the casing of the turbocharger.  If present, look for the underlying cause, which is usually a problem with oil flow to the turbocharger.

Noise from the Turbocharger

In the case of a noisy turbocharger unit, it’s imperative that you trust your ears and look into the cause before a unit failure results.  Often, if you catch it early, you can prevent extensive damage to your turbocharger.  The leading causes of increased noise from your turbo unit are too little flow of air or oil, or foreign material in the bearings.

If you’re experiencing turbocharger difficulties, consult Winnipeg’s turbocharger and fuel injection expert, Western Turbo.  We do more than just maintain and repair turbocharger units – we find the root cause of the problem and correct it, so you won’t just have a recurrence.

At Western Turbo, We Know Injectors!

Western Turbo and Fuel Injection is your Winnipeg area expert in repair and maintenance of diesel and gasoline injection systems. We’ve been in the business since 1979, and have consistently shown ourselves to be committed to our customers. Through amalgamation of other facilities, Western Turbo has built itself into the premiere supply and repair facility in the area.

As an expert in diesel technology, we have developed a strong knowledge base and have invested heavily in equipment to service fuel injection systems. Because our customers need us to have it, we invested in a Bosch EPS 815 Common Rail Injector Tester, the only equipment certified by Bosch to test their Common Rail Fuel Injectors and one of two such machines in Canada.

This tester allows us to perform diagnostics on Bosch Fuel Injection Systems while preserving our customers manufacturers warranty.

Our expertise extends to other fuel injection technologies as well. Many automobile manufacturers have recently begun incorporating Gasoline Direct Injection technology into their cars, which basically brings the technique of injecting fuel directly into the vehicle’s cylinders, which is how it generally works in diesel engines to their gasoline powered counterparts. There are significant benefits in terms of fuel efficiency and power output in this technology. The downside is that many repair facilities lack the experience and equipment to deal with these specialized system.

Not Western Turbo. Because we’re diesel experts, we’ve been around the block with Direct Injection. Many shops will swap in a whole new set of injectors when fuel supply problems turn up, which can be extremely wasteful in the event that only one or two of them require replacement. Most of the time, injectors can be returned to use after a thorough cleaning, but you need the equipment and expertise. We have both.

Western Turbo has a state-of-the art repair facility at 325 Eagle Drive in Winnipeg.

Come See Us at AgDays

Every year at this time, we look forward to attending Manitoba AgDays held in Brandon – and this year is no exception.  We will once again be attending Manitoba AgDays, an exposition of agricultural production expertise, technology and related equipment that attracts exhibitors from all across Canada and the North Central United States.

We will be there to showcase our AgDiesel agricultural diesel modules. If you are looking for more power – talk to us to see which module is for you.  We now have modules to fit Agco, Buhler, Challenger, Case, CAT, JCB, John Deere, Massey-Ferguson, New Holland, Versatile and more!

If you are planning on attending AgDays or wanting to meet us in person – come visit us at AgDays.

Event: Manitoba AgDays
Date: January 21, 22 and 23, 2014
Venue: Brandon Keystone Centre
Address: 1 – 1175 – 18th Street, Brandon, Manitoba

Admission is free so be sure to drop by. Enter through the east or west side of the building by the Westoba Credit Union Concourse entrance and also on the east side by the Curling Club or the ramp entrances.

See you there!

Western Turbo is Winnipeg’s Diesel Expert

At Western Turbo, we are diesel engine specialists.

No matter what type of vehicle (or vehicles, we take care of fleets, too) you have that needs attention, we have the facilities, the personnel, the parts, and the experience you need to keep rolling.

We handle passenger cars, light trucks, medium-duty trucks, tractor trailers, and agricultural equipment. In short, if it burns diesel oil for power, we take care of it.
New parts, remanufactured engines, and performance enhancement components are available in short order, and we can install then faster than anyone else at our state-of-the art facility.

We sell and service a wide array of diesel injection components, turbochargers, superchargers, electronic control modules, governors, sensors, and more, for all makes of diesel vehicles. We are exclusive distributors for many brands of parts, including Bosch and Delphi.

Our technicians are trained by the manufacturers of the equipment they service, and remain current with regular updates to their training… All participate in the Association of Diesel specialists “TechCert” program.

We’re proud of the facility we’ve established at 325 Eagle Drive in Winnipeg. When you come in, you’ll feel confident that we’re going to do a professional job. Unlike many other shops, ours is well lit, clean, and organized. You’ll know that your vehicle is in good hands with us.

No matter what type or brand of vehicle you need service for, you can be sure that Western Turbo can take care of your needs. Diesel is what we do.

Keeping Construction Vehicles Moving

While it might not look like it, we know that a construction site operates like a carefully choreographed dance routine.

Everybody has a part to play, and timing is everything. One trade moves out and another moves in. One piece of equipment moves from job to job, often multiple times in one day.

If one of the pieces of the puzzle is out of place, it can cause a chain reaction that can bring the whole operation to a frustrating, expensive halt.

Your diesel powered construction vehicles are mission critical tools. The rigors of the industry require them to be reliable and ready. When you need preventive maintenance or emergency repairs, the place to turn is Western Turbo.

We are Winnipeg’s diesel specialists. No matter what type of diesel powered vehicle you have, you can be sure that our experienced technicians know how to care for your needs, and that our state-of-the art facility and extensive relationships with vendors backs up their knowledge.

Passenger vehicles, light trucks and heavy equipment are all within our scope. And though we’re diesel engine specialists, we aren’t limited to engine work only – if you need brakes, suspension, electrical, or other repairs, we’re willing and able.

All of our technicians carry up to date certifications, and participate in the Association of Diesel specialists “TechCert” program.

When you visit the Western Turbo facility, the clean environment and friendly, knowledgeable staff will let you know you’ve come to the right place.

Protect the Heart of your Diesel Engine with Stanadyne Diesel Fuel Additives

Stanadyne makes injector systems for diesel engines, so it’s fair to say that the company knows a thing or two about fuel injection.

The fuel injector system is the most crucial part of your diesel equipment, and it’s the most prone to failure. Hard use, temperature extremes, and low quality diesel fuel can all contribute to its early demise. Simply put, if your fuel injection system stops working, your diesel engine does, too.

There are many diesel fuel additives on the market, but Stanadyne’s are the only ones made by an injection system manufacturer. Stanadyne’s diesel fuel additives are engineered to protect the critical components of your engine, in normal use and under adverse conditions, so you can continue to use your machines and vehicles when others may have failed prematurely.

Independent testing has shown that Stanadyne Diesel Fuel Additives increase efficiency – fuel consumption will go down by up to 4%, while performance will improve by up to 9.6%. This translates to more mileage for less money, a magic combination for anyone who uses a diesel engine for transportation or in their work. Additives protect the engine by lubricating fuel injection components, and reducing contaminants like water in the fuel. They contain no alcohol, and reduce corrosion, which is a primary factor in injection system damage.

Stanadyne offers several different fuel additives, to suit every application. There’s one specially formulated for low temperature use, which is very useful in Manitoba’s harsh climate, a Lubricity formula for aging injectors, and performance formulas for engines that need an extra boost in power output.

Western Turbo is proud to supply Stanadyne Diesel Fuel Additives to the Winnipeg area. Come talk to us today about ways to increase power, reduce fuel consumption, and contribute to the longevity of your diesel engines.

Diesel Service for Agriculture

Agriculture is the engine that drives Manitoba’s economy. Diesel is the engine that drives Manitoba’s agriculture.

Combines, tractors, and trucks are the tools of the modern farmer’s trade. When you need to work your fields or bring your goods to market, you need to be able to depend on these tools. Farming, as you know, is highly competitive and time sensitive. It makes sense to take care of your equipment.

Western Turbo is your Winnipeg area specialist when it comes to maintenance and repair of your diesel powered equipment. From routine maintenance to emergency repairs, we have you covered. No matter what type of equipment you need service for, you can rest assured that we have the knowledge, facilities, and personnel to get the job done the right way, right away. And our expertise is not limited only to the power train of your vehicle – we can handle any service or repair, from brakes to belts to electrical and everything else.

All of our technicians are highly trained by the vendors of the equipment we work on, and all participate in the Association of Diesel specialists “TechCert” program.
When you visit the Western Turbo garage in Winnipeg, one look at the clean environment (different from most service centres) and a quick conversation with our friendly, knowledgeable staff will let you know you’ve come to the right place. Be sure to ask about AgDiesel engine control modules. They’ll not only increase the amount of work you can get done in a day, they’ll save you considerable money in fuel cost at the same time.

Nobody Knows Your Truck Like the People Who Made Your Truck

OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer. When you are replacing the components that keep your vehicles on the road 24/7, you want the best available. When the company that built your tough-as-nails diesel engine put it together, they put a lot of research into the components that they would outsource. In many cases, special design work would be undertaken to match the components to the new engine, ensuring that part would perform perfectly in it’s application.

When looking for manufacturers of fuel injectors, a mission critical piece of technology for powering diesel engines, manufacturers are very careful to specify precisely what is required for the application.

Stanadyne Pencil Nozzles are manufactured to precise OEM standards, and for 45 years have been providing reliable service to all makes of diesel engines. The spray nozzles are sized and angled precisely for your engine, and provide optimal fuel economy for increased efficacy and profitability, while at the same time protecting the environment but reducing emissions.

When your fuel injectors require replacement, look for parts that match the stringent requirements set out by the engine’s manufacturer. Stanadyne Pencil Nozzles are simply the best choice in the business, with longevity and performance that can’t be matched by imitation or remanufactured injectors.

Western Turbo in Winnipeg offers factory original Stanadyne Pencil Nozzles, installed by qualified service technicians and backed by the company’s two-year warranty.