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GDI Gasoline Direct Injection 

At Western Turbo, we're proud to offer ASNU Injector Diagnostics. Below is an exposed drawing of a Bosch Gasoline GDI Injector. GDI injectors have been tested and services by ASNU since 1997 when the first GDI engine was introduced in the Mitshubishi Carisma. Since then, ASNU machines have been used to test and service thousands of GDI injectors around the world covering all the different versions from Bosch, Denso, Marelli and Delphi. 

Bosch HDEV Gasoline Direct Injector GDI

During this time ASNU machines have identified many different problems with GDI injectors such as broken pintles, broken springs, coil failure, seizures due to excessive heat, misuse and abuse, carbon deposits and damage caused by either removing or refitting of the injectors. Sometimes when removing or refitting the injectors, not enough care is taken and the mechanic levers against the injectors to get them out. By doing this, the shaft of the injector can twist or bend and moving the shaft even just microns can stop the ball from returning to its' seat; causing the injector to leak or even remain open. When operating under high pressure, the injector can work intermittently, either not opening at all or remaining open and flooding the cylinder. Testing at low pressure makes examining the free movement of the pintle easier as high pressure can mask the free movement.



gdi injector cleaning winnipeg  gdi injector cleaner



Check. Clean. Verify.

Designed to deliver very precise amounts of fuel at extremely high pressures for milliseconds at a time, precision is the key to Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) engines' outstanding performance and fuel economy. GDI technology is the next generation of fuel injection now being used by many car manufacturers including GM (Ecotec), Mazda (DISI or SkyActiv), Ford (FSI), Nissan, Hyundai and Kia.


All GDI engines have adaptive engine management systems. This means the engines will adapt to compensate for any changes in fuel distribution or atomization to the injectors. Many times, problems with the injectors' performance are not detected until it is too late after causing considerable damage to the engines.


Now there's a quick and accurate way to do GDI injector testing and rectify the root cause of the problem.


Through a series of tests, we can quickly and accurately measure the amount of atomization, shape and strength of the injectors' spray patterns and determine flow rates as well as isolate any leaks from one or all of your injectors.   gdi injector testing
If problems are identified, we are able to clean the injectors using the ultrasonic cleaning process which can return your injectors to prime working condition.  The injectors that do not return to specification after cleaning will have to be replaced. gdi injector cleaning

So why replace all the injectors when you can isolate just the ones that need replacing?