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Western Turbo supplies air filters, lube filters, oil filters, and fuel filters for virtually any make of engine.





Western Turbo carries the Stanadyne Fuel Manager Brand for Service Filter Elements including Stanadyne FM 10, FM 100 & FM 1000 Series Diesel Fuel Filters and Water Separators.  To see the products that we carry or are available to you, please download the complete product sheet by clicking on the link to the left.


If you have any questions about the filter that that you need, please contact us.















Now, getting the fuel filtration you need... is a SNAPP.  Western Turbo carries the SNAPP filter, a one piece, high performing snap-in fuel filter water separator from Parker Racor.  The SNAPP filter includes two innovations that are often copied but never quite duplicated - the powerful protection of patented, world-class Aquabloc® filter media and, the Racor trademark, a clear bowl that allows for at-a-glance inspection of fuel system integrity.  


SNAPP is a big protection for small engines up to 140 hp or 26 gph and makes every filter change quick, easy and clean.  No tools are needed - when it is time for service, simply snap in a new filter.  




For other filtration products from Racor, please download the product sheets for additional information.  For any questions on the SNAPP filter or other Racor products, please contact us.


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CENTRI Precleaners by Diversafab are high in efficiency, low restriction and maintenance free.  Dirty air enters the CENTRI which is clamped onto your equipment's air intake.  Specifically designed vanes are curved and angled to precisely direct air flow, move the dirty air toward the stainless steel impeller.  The dynamically balanced, one piece spinning impeller then creates a tornado effect inside the housing and the centrifugal force of the tornado is able to expel the heavier than air (dirt particles, chaff, dust, snow, rain etc.) out of the discharge louver.  The cleaned air is then able to enter the engine intake pipe and the filter element will have only very light particles to remove. 


In this way, the CENTRI precleaner can extend the life of the air filters up to 12x!  It is able effective in increasing engine life and performance.  CENTRI precleaner is compatible with all air filter systems. For additional information, please download the product sheets below or contact us.




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For more information on the filters we carry here at Western Turbo, please contact us